Atarim Changelog

Find out what's new inside Atarim, what bugs we've squashed and highlighted features you should check out!

Version 3.22 is LIVE - Improved UI, Instant Collaboration, Files as 1st Comment, Workflows and more! 🚀

New Feature


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We have an absolutely massive update for you with version 3.22.

We've been working hard since the beginning of this year to elevate the experience of the platform, and with the new Chrome extension and UI updates, we definitely have done!


Here's the full list of what's new in Atarim:




  • New Chrome Extension Update - With our new Chrome extension, 1 click will instantly load our interface on the current website you are viewing. This can be done on any website, app, platform, blog, ecommerce store, WordPress back-end...ANYWHERE you want, just by clicking one button. Also everything done in the Chrome Extension, is replicated on collaboration inside Atarim, meaning that your clients don't need to install the extension for you to collaborate with them. You can find our new Chrome Extension here.  


  • Collaborating On Logged-In Experiences - With the new version of the Chrome Extension, you can now leave tasks inside apps and websites where logins are required.   


  • New Nav - The nav has been overhauled, with the ability to extend and retract it whenever you'd like. We've added some animations to icons and made some nav items clearer with more defined names.


  • Collaboration UI - Inside all experiences of collaboration, we've updated the all parts of the UI. This includes the bottom bar, sidebar, pop-over, and much more. We've also made the bars floating, so when looking at your project it feels less constricted.


  • Bulk Uploads On Tasks - You now have the ability to upload more than one file on a task, and this includes all file types. Great for when you need to keep a bunch of files in one place on a project for quick access later on.


  • Drag & Drop Files On Pop-Over - We've also added the ability to drag and drop files from your device straight onto the pop-over, making it super easy and quick to upload files onto tasks.


  • File Uploads As First Comment - Previously, when you wanted to upload a file, you needed to create a comment first. Now, with every file upload, you have the option to add a comment with it, meaning you can also do it as the first comment too!


  • Pages - Inside the sidebar, you have the option to add the current page you're on (we also add pages automatically when you add your first task on a page). This makes it super easy to see how tasks are distributed across your project.


  • Workflows - Previously, workflows were on a modal inside the inbox screen. We've moved this to it's own page to give it the space it deserves. This allows you to setup automations, empowering you to have custom workflows to your favourite apps with our integrations!


  • Search - On the top of the sidebar inside collaboration, you can now search for tasks based on the task title and comments, making it easier for you to find what you're looking for.


  • Filters - You can now filter the sidebar task list to fit your workflow, by choosing to see all tasks across the website, only tasks assigned to you and more.





  • Projects Screen Design - We've updated the look and feel of the projects screen to make it more streamlined, highlighting the main functionality of the page, making it easier for you to do what you need to do!


  • Inbox Screen Design - We've optimized the inbox screen to make it more focused on the work you need to get done. Making the task feed wider, screenshot more visible and minimizing sections by default.


  • Notifications On Tasks - Inside the pop-over when creating tasks, the users tab will now show you who will be notified and who will not be notified, making it really clear who will get a notification about the task. We've also added this as a tooltip on hover for the send button.


  • Time Entry Pop-out - Previously, time entries were only visible on the inbox and boards with a small modal in the bottom left of your screen. This is now displayed inside the nav when you hover over the time entries label, making it easy for you to pause a log timers where ever you are in side the app.