Atarim Changelog

Find out what's new inside Atarim, what bugs we've squashed and highlighted features you should check out!

  1. Version 3.14 is LIVE - Automated Screenshot optimization and bug fixes 📷


    We can't believe 2023 is almost over, time is going way too fast!

    Here's today's list for this small push.


    Optmizations On The Atarim Dashboard

    • Automatic Screenshots - Sometimes, automatic screenshots would get generated after a change to the page has been made. We've optmized this to ensure that the instant a task is created, the screenshot will be generated, meaning you can always rely on it showing what was there on the project when the task was created!


    • Draggable Tasks - When collaborating on websites inside the dashboard, you can now click to create a task and drag the sticker so the box does not cover whatever you are looking at. You can then enter your comment, and create the task, which will then snap back to the original position.


    • New Email Design - We have completely redesigned all of the emails we are sending out from the app to improve their viewability and make them prettier to look at!


    Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard

    • Form submission view - When viewing some submissions inside forms, they were not working due to strings inside fields. This has been fixed.


    • Orphaned Tasks - When a section or element was deleted from project, if there was a task created on it, sometimes you would not be able to open the task, this is now fixed.


    • Emails in the inbox - On some emails in the inbox, there were CSS conflicts breaking the entire page when viewing them, this has now been fixed.


  2. Version 3.13 is LIVE - Integration and bug fixes! ⚙️


    As we wind down for the year (but secretly working our butts off in the background), here is a new update with some bug fixes.


    We are currently in full on focused mode, developing phase two of the Chrome Extension, which we cannot wait to show you. Here's the list for this release:


    New On The Atarim Dashboard

    • User role selection on collaboration invite - You now have the option to choose the user role of the person you're inviting inside a collaboration project.


    Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard

    • Slack Connections - We had some issues with our Slack integration over the passed week, this has now been fixed and you should be able to connect and continue using it!


    • Monday Connections - There was an issue with connecting Monday accounts too, this has been fixed.


    • File upload extensions - When some file formats were uploaded, the extension would break because the date of upload was being added, this is now fixed.


    • Quotation marks in comments - When adding quotation marks inside comments, it would sometimes cause issues in the pop-over, this has now been fixed.


    • Tasks after merging websites - When merging a website, the tasks that were copied over were not opening inside collaborate, this is now fixed.


    Bug Fixes On The WordPress Plugin


    • XSS vulnerability – A Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability was identified in a previous version of our plugin, this is now fixed.


    • Js conflict with ACF – Date selection on the date field was not working due to js conflict, this is now fixed.


    • User Avatar – Due to the changes on the Gravatar API data response, comment author images were not loading, this is now fixed.


  3. The Atarim Chrome Extension ⚙️

    New Feature


    Listing Image-1


    Unlock a new era of visual collaboration and efficiency with the Atarim extension for Google Chrome! Seamlessly integrate our powerful tools into your web development workflow and revolutionize the way you work on any website.

    Instant visual collaboration on any website in one click with the Atarim Chrome extension! 


    🚀 Key Features🚀

    🤝 Instant Collaboration: Collaborate visually with clients and colleagues instantly on any web page. Share ideas, feedback, and tasks effortlessly.

    🎨 Visual Collaboration: Transform your web content into a canvas for creativity. Annotate, draw, and highlight directly on websites or images to communicate feedback visually.

    🔄 Workflow Automation: Streamline your processes with automation. Define rules to trigger actions and create efficient workflows that adapt to your needs, integrated into almost any tool.

    Task Management: Stay organized and on top of your tasks. Create, assign, and track tasks within web pages, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

    📈 Boost Efficiency: Maximize your productivity by working directly within your web environment. No need to switch between multiple tools.


     Get started and install for free here >> 




  4. Version 3.12 is LIVE - Chrome Extension, Bug Fixes And Optimizations 🚀


    More bug fixes coming at you for this release, along with a very exciting new addition to your toolbox: An Atarim Chrome Extension. 

     You can find our more about how the Chrome extension works here >>  


    New On The Atarim Dashboard

    • The Atarim Chrome Extension - You can now install the Atarim Chrome extension and connect it to your account. This will give you a few options when viewing websites inside Chrome, including: adding a website to your account with one click, adding graphics based on your view or a full page screenshot.


    Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard

    • Comments on collaborate - On some websites, comments were not saving, this has now been fixed.


    • Removing collaborator projects - Removing projects that you were added as a collaborator was not working correctly, this has now been fixed.~


    • Assigning users showing in task list - When assigning users to tasks, they were not showing inside the task lists of the inbox and boards, this has now been fixed.


    • Bulk updating tasks in inbox and boards - Bulk updating tasks was causing an error in some cases, this has now been fixed.


    • Activity links in manage users - When clicking on an activity inside a users' profile, it was not taking you to it, this has now been fixed.


    • Creating tasks on mobile/tablet - In some cases, tasks were being hidden and cutoff when creating tasks on mobile and tablet, this has now been fixed.


    • Push to media - Pushing images to the WordPress media folder was not working as expected, this has now been fixed.


    • Emails breaking - Some emails were displaying incorrectly inside the inbox, this has been fixed.


    Bug Fixes On The WordPress Plugin


    • Comment overflow – On certain themes, there was a problem with comment box overflow which cut off the comment, this is now fixed.


    • CSS conflict with Springfield theme – Springfield theme CSS was overriding Comment box CSS, this is now fixed.

    • Default permission for users – We have modified the default permission for users when the user type is not selected.


  5. Version 3.11 is LIVE - Website scraping optimization and bug fixes ⏩


    This update is focused around optimizing how we grab the content of websites that are being added to your Atarim Dashboard via the URL collaboration.


    In the background we have some exciting new features in the works right now, more of which you'll hear about in the foreseeable future 🚀


    New On The Dashboard


    • Website scraping optimizations - Previously, when a website loads inside the collaborate on the dashboard, we would request all of the extras from the website itself (including JS, CSS etc.). Now, instead of waiting for the request, we just go ahead and display it, decreasing the load time by a significant amount!


    • Quick tour of collaboration - When new uses sign up, we take you through a quick tour to show you how to use URL collaboration inside the Atarim Dashboard.


    Bug Fixes On The Dashboard


    • Push to media - Push to media folder on WordPress websites was not working correctly and throwing an error, this has been fixed.

    • Author names incorrect - Author names on tasks and comments were not showing correctly on websites added via the WordPress plugin, this is now fixed.


    • Notifcation names incorrect - Inside the email notifications, some names were showing incorrectly from the WordPress plugin, this is now fixed.


    • Content on collaborate - On some websites, content was not loading correctly inside collaborate, this has now been fixed for a bunch.


    • Sites loading slowly - Some sites were loading quite slow inside collaborate, with the new approach of website scraping, they will load much faster now.


    • Screenshots updating - Automatic screenshots were updating if the element of the website where a task was created was changed. This has now been changed, meaning that screenshots will always show correctly what was on the page when the task was made.


    • #'s in file names - Previously, if there was a # inside a filename and it was uploaded to a task, it would not upload correctly, this has been fixed.


    • Email signature box - There was an issue with editing the email signature box inside the email settings on the dashboard, this is now fixed.


    Bug Fixes On The WordPress Plugin


    • Screenshot issue with Bricks Theme - There was a problem with automatic screenshots with Bricks Theme, this is now fixed.


    • Push To Media - There was an issue with pushing media from the Atarim Dashboard to WordPress websites, this is now fixed.


    • CSS Fixes - There were a few CSS fixes required inside the Atarim interface, these have been fixed.






  6. Version 3.10 is LIVE - Plugin Activation improvements and bug fixes! 🕣⚡

    New Feature

    In an effort to speed up things even more, we've done a bunch of changes to the way you activate the WordPress plugin to make it as fast as possible, so you don't have to wait around when getting your projects added to the Atarim Dashboard.


    We've also got a few bug fixes with this release, here's the full list:


    Bug Fixes On The Dashboard


    • Assign users list empty - Sometimes, when going to a new page inside project added via URL, new tasks were not displaying the user list, this is now fixed.


    • Refresh button on collaborate - The refresh button inside collaborate was not fully updating websites due to issues with caching, this has now been fixed by completely rescraping the page you're on, to show you the latest version and fix any CSS issues caused by caching.


    • Going to profile - When going to your profile from the bottom left hand menu, the menu would stay open so you had to click twice to access the page, this is now fixed.


    • Tasks not loading on graphics - On some graphics inside the Atarim Dashboard, tasks were not loading correctly, this is now fixed.


    • Bulk action on boards - When trying to bulk add users to tasks inside the board, it was throwing an error, this is now fixed.


    • Link to projects on boards - Clicking on boards from the project screens was not taking you to the correct project, this is now fixed.


    • Retry fetching button - The retry fetching button was showing way too soon even if the website was loading as expected, this has been fixed.


    New On The WordPress Plugin


    • Activation Flow - We have stripped loads from the activation flow to make it super fast to get started, no more wizard and no more role selection on the front-end.


    • Automatically assigning roles - When you invite users via the front-end share, they will be automatically assigned as a client inside the plugin.


    • Removal of graphics - Graphic feedback has now been completely removed from the plugin, you can collaborate visually on designs inside the Atarim Dashboard.


    • Reduced triggers on page load - We've reduced the number of action triggers on page load when collaboration is enabled, to make everything faster!


    • CSS fixes - Some minor CSS fixes across the board.
  7. Version 3.9.6 is LIVE - Design changes and bug fixes 🤯


    We've got an exciting update on collaborating via URL inside the Atarim Dashboard, including new functionality and design updates, as well as some bug fixes!


    New On The Dashboard


    • New setting inside notifications - We have added a new setting inside your profile on the Atarim Dashboard, which will add you to tasks by default to receive notifications if you are assigned to the website, making sure you are up to date on everything.


    • New scraping method - In an effort to improve the way we are scraping websites, we have added an additional method, which will attempt to ensure that everything loads correctly, using our previous method as a back-up.


    • Design updates - We've given a makeover to the task pop-over, tidying up the amount of icons that are there and making it smoother to use. We've also made a few changes on the comment box on the inbox and boards.


    • Tooltips and more tooltips - We've added a bunch of tooltips to the task pop-over to ensure you know what each feature is for, we are continuing down this path for the entire dashboard in the near future.


    Bug Fixes On The Dashboard


    • Inviting contributors - When inviting contributors to your dashboard, they were assigned to WordPress websites by default, this has now been changed.


    • Inviting collaborators - There was an issue with inviting collaborators through the share modal where you couldn't copy the link, this has been fixed.


    • Invite email - If someone clicked on the invite link inside an email multiple times, it would add them to tasks more than once, this has been fixed.


    • CSS fixes - We've fixed a bunch of CSS on the dashboard, putting things in their proper place and making the overal experience better.


    New On The WordPress Plugin


    • Design update - To keep the plugin in line with the dashboard, we have updated the pop-over design to match. It's now a lot less busy and nicer to use.


    • Date and time - Time is now calculated based on the time set by your browser (which is taken from the timezone set on your computer), this ensures that times always show correctly for your timezone.


    Bug Fixes On The WordPress Plugin


    • Tag CSS - The alignment of tags were not pretty, we've fixed the CSS.

    • Task center CSS - There were some issues with image alignment and size control on the task center, this is now fixed.

    • PhP errors - On some websites, php errors were showing, this is now fixed.


    • User invite security - To increase security, we've sanitized the values used when inviting users.


    • Login pop-up - Added proper validation and message on the pop-up when logging into a WordPress website using the Atarim modal.


    • Variable names - We've changed variable names to make them visibly relevant in some places.


    • Optimizing loading - To decrease load times, we've optimized some API calls.


    • Inviting from the back-end - When inviting from the back-end of the website, the invite link has been changed to the homepage of the website.


    • Uploaded files - Sometimes the author name of comments inside the task center was incorrect, this is now fixed.



  8. Version is LIVE - More small fixes! ✅


    We are quickly chipping away and optimizing everything that we can find inside Atarim at the moment. Thank you to everyone that continues to provide us with feedback, it's super helpful!


    Here's the list for this release:


    • Screenshot annotations - We have changed our approach to taking screenshots when you want to do an annotation, and made it way more solid. Now, the screenshot will be accurate every single time.


    • Automated screenshots - We have improved automatic screenshots where it will now replay actions such as opening accordions, and take a screenshot.


    • Thumbnails missing on Projects screen - Previously, if a thumbnail was missing for whatever reason on the projects screen, a broken image link would show, we have changed this to a placeholder instead.


    • Retry fetching button - When browsing a website inside visual collaboration, sometimes the "Retry Fetching" button would show way too soon when it didn't need to, this is now fixed.


    • Group notification CSS - If you copy and pasted text from a website into a task, the CSS would not show on the comment, but it would still be visible inside the grouped notification, this is now fixed.


    • Adding projects - Sometimes when adding a project via URL, if you go back to the projects screen without refreshing, the new project would not display correctly, this is now fixed.

    • Time calculations - We have completely revamped the way we are calculating the time tasks were created. Now, we take the local time from the computer/browser you are on, to ensure you see the time in the correct timezone.

    • Projects screen loading - The pagination of projects on the projects screen was loading it in groups of 7, we have made this 8 to be even.

    • Adding tasks on boards - Clicking on add task inside columns on the boards was causing the whole page to refresh, this is now fixed.


    • Network error when going from boards to inbox - Navigating to the inbox screen from the boards and back again was causing a network error, this is now fixed.




  9. Ver is LIVE - Small Push For Hot Fixes 🔥

    • Bug when uploading images to graphics: There was a bug when uploading images to graphics collaboration because of a size issue, this has now been fixed.

    • File uploads to Forms - There was an issue when trying to upload files to forms, this is now fixed.


    • Search not working inside "Assigned to Project" - Search was not working when searching for users assiging to projects, this is now fixed.


    • Writing emails - There were some small CSS issues when writing emails inside the inbox which was making it difficult to do, this is now fixed.


    • Add Collaborators to Notify Users - Previously, you could not assign collaborate accounts to created tasks, this is now added!
  10. Ver 3.9.5 is LIVE - 70+ Bugs Fixed This Month 🎯


    Since the start of July, we have been on a mission to kill as many bugs as possible, while optimizing everywhere we can.

    This is our third push this month, totalling 70+ bug fixed over the past 3 weeks!

    With the increased usage we've seen, growing pains have been hard to avoid, but stability has been dramatically increased, along with annoying pesky bugs!


    Dashboard Improvements


    • Sharing upgrade: Inside the share pop-up on a website added via URL, after you have invited someone via their first name and email, you can now reshare the link that contains their token. Meaning that you can send them a direct link to collaborate, without them needing to login.


    • Collaborator passwords: When you invite someone to collaborate with you on a website, after they have clicked on the link to create their account, they will also receive an email afterwards to setup their new password.


    • Individual graphic links: We have now added an ID to each design within a graphic, meaning that you can now link to specific designs inside a graphic, making it easier to share with your team and clients.


    • Tasks on collaborate: When creating a task on a graphic inside the dashboard, it would not automatically focus on the comment box of the task, this is now fixed


    • Replacing errors: In an effort to make errors clearer, we have gone through every single type that you could come across and made the error message more specific, so you know exactly what you need to try and fix it on your end, or to reach out to us so we can get you sorted asap.


    • Making time entries billable: Previously, if you clicked to make a time entry billable by clicking the "x", it would change it but refresh the whole page in the process. This now just changes the entry and keeps you where you were.


    • Editing time entries: After editing a time entry, it would refresh the entire list, now it only refreshes that single time entry, making things clearer.


    • Marking tasks internal: When you marked a task as internal, it would not happen instantly, this is now fixed.


    Dashboard Bug Fixes


    • Special scroll: If your website had a special scroll and was added via URL, you would not be able to scroll the site inside collaborate. This is now fixed.


    • Removing collaborator sites: Websites you are assigned to as collaborator, when trying to remove them from your dashboard, the button was not working, this is now fixed.


    • Upload file icon: The upload file icon was missing from activity, this is now fixed.


    • MainWP flow: There was an issue for users who became logged out of MainWP when creating sites where it would create duplicates, this is now fixed by checking if you are logged in, and if not, taking you to the MainWP login screen.


    • Submenus in collaborate: On some websites, clicking on links inside sub menus would take you back to the homepage of the website inside collaborate, this is now fixed.


    • Searching: There was a bug with searching where it would not find projects you were looking for, this is now fixed.


    • Users on graphics: Assigning users to graphics was not working correctly, this is now fixed.