Atarim Changelog

Find out what's new inside Atarim, what bugs we've squashed and highlighted features you should check out!

  1. Version 3.23 is LIVE - Dollie Integration, Smoother Registration, Bug Fixes and more! ⚡


    We've got some exciting new updates in version 3.23, most notably our new integration with Dollie! Dollie is an awesome WordPress hosting platform and with our new integration you'll be able to create new projects in Atarim with one click, see how many tasks have been made on each project AND see the tasks themselves inside your Dollie Dashboard.




    Here's the full list of what's included in this update:




    • Dollie integration: From your Dollie account you can now connect Atarim, which will enable some pretty cool stuff! You'll be able to create projects with one click from Dollie to Atarim, any tasks made on that project will be displayed inisde your Dollie dashboard. Making Dollie and Atarim the perfect combination to take care of the back-end side of things, and the front-end work you need to do.  You can find out more how to connect it inside Dollie here! 


    • Slack form submission: We have added the option to push form submission notifications to a Slack channel of your choice inside the Atarim Slack integration, sending you the first 3 questions answered in the form and a link to the form submission so you can view the rest.





    • Register modal for collaborates & guests: For team members, stakeholders and clients you are inviting to collaborate with you on projects, we've optimized the way they register by removing the need for a password. This is in an effort to get people collaborating with you as fast as possible.


    • Close register modal: Guests and collaborators now have the option to close the register modal too, if they'd like to still have a look around without signing up but accidentally get the modal by clicking, they can now close it.


    • Collaborating on projects inside Atarim: We refactored some code inside collaboration to make it a smoother experience, this is something we will continue to do every release going forward to ensure it's perfect.


    Bug Fixes


    • Filter disabled when selecting all projects: When selecting all projects on the inbox screen, filtering was being disabled, this has now been fixed.


    • Pages inside collaborate: When making pages inside collaborate, sometimes these pages would not display in the Chrome Extension, this has been fixed.


    • Comments made as guest: Comments being created by guest users inside Atarim, were not being displayed in the Chrome extension correctly, this has been fixed.


    • Plugin pages: On some websites, when the plugin was installed it would automatically add all of the pages that exist on that site to the Atarim sidebar, this is now fixed.


    • Error when loading boards or inbox: In some cases, trying to load the boards or inbox in the Atarim dashboard was causing a 500 error, this is now fixed.


    • Archived Wordpress Sites: If an archived WordPress website was set to active, it was causing issues on the plugin, this has now been fixed.


    Chrome Extension Bug Fixes


    • First task as annotated image: If the first task on a project was created using the Chrome Extension and it was an annotated image, it was returning an error, this has been fixed.


    • Deleting an invite: Deleting an invite from the share modal was returning an error, this has now been fixed.


    • Deleting pages: Deleting pages from the sidebar inside the Chrome Extension was not actually working, this has now been fixed. We've also added a confirm pop-up to ensure you don't delete pages by accident.








  2. Version 3.22 is LIVE - Improved UI, Instant Collaboration, Files as 1st Comment, Workflows and more! 🚀

    New Feature


    Group 1309_720

    We have an absolutely massive update for you with version 3.22.

    We've been working hard since the beginning of this year to elevate the experience of the platform, and with the new Chrome extension and UI updates, we definitely have done!


    Here's the full list of what's new in Atarim:




    • New Chrome Extension Update - With our new Chrome extension, 1 click will instantly load our interface on the current website you are viewing. This can be done on any website, app, platform, blog, ecommerce store, WordPress back-end...ANYWHERE you want, just by clicking one button. Also everything done in the Chrome Extension, is replicated on collaboration inside Atarim, meaning that your clients don't need to install the extension for you to collaborate with them. You can find our new Chrome Extension here.  


    • Collaborating On Logged-In Experiences - With the new version of the Chrome Extension, you can now leave tasks inside apps and websites where logins are required.   


    • New Nav - The nav has been overhauled, with the ability to extend and retract it whenever you'd like. We've added some animations to icons and made some nav items clearer with more defined names.


    • Collaboration UI - Inside all experiences of collaboration, we've updated the all parts of the UI. This includes the bottom bar, sidebar, pop-over, and much more. We've also made the bars floating, so when looking at your project it feels less constricted.


    • Bulk Uploads On Tasks - You now have the ability to upload more than one file on a task, and this includes all file types. Great for when you need to keep a bunch of files in one place on a project for quick access later on.


    • Drag & Drop Files On Pop-Over - We've also added the ability to drag and drop files from your device straight onto the pop-over, making it super easy and quick to upload files onto tasks.


    • File Uploads As First Comment - Previously, when you wanted to upload a file, you needed to create a comment first. Now, with every file upload, you have the option to add a comment with it, meaning you can also do it as the first comment too!


    • Pages - Inside the sidebar, you have the option to add the current page you're on (we also add pages automatically when you add your first task on a page). This makes it super easy to see how tasks are distributed across your project.


    • Workflows - Previously, workflows were on a modal inside the inbox screen. We've moved this to it's own page to give it the space it deserves. This allows you to setup automations, empowering you to have custom workflows to your favourite apps with our integrations!


    • Search - On the top of the sidebar inside collaboration, you can now search for tasks based on the task title and comments, making it easier for you to find what you're looking for.


    • Filters - You can now filter the sidebar task list to fit your workflow, by choosing to see all tasks across the website, only tasks assigned to you and more.





    • Projects Screen Design - We've updated the look and feel of the projects screen to make it more streamlined, highlighting the main functionality of the page, making it easier for you to do what you need to do!


    • Inbox Screen Design - We've optimized the inbox screen to make it more focused on the work you need to get done. Making the task feed wider, screenshot more visible and minimizing sections by default.


    • Notifications On Tasks - Inside the pop-over when creating tasks, the users tab will now show you who will be notified and who will not be notified, making it really clear who will get a notification about the task. We've also added this as a tooltip on hover for the send button.


    • Time Entry Pop-out - Previously, time entries were only visible on the inbox and boards with a small modal in the bottom left of your screen. This is now displayed inside the nav when you hover over the time entries label, making it easy for you to pause a log timers where ever you are in side the app.



  3. Version 3.21 is LIVE - Small Bug Fixes & Optimizations


    Our latest update is live, bringing with it targeted improvements and bug squashes. The result? A cleaner, quicker platform that gets you where you need to go without the wait.


    Here's the full list:


    Optimizations On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Task lists - We've optimized the way we are pulling tasks into the inbox and boards, speeding it up significantly. Previously we were pulling way too much information in the background, now we are pulling exactly what is needed!


    • Searching - We've changed the way searching works on both the projects screen and inbox, making it way faster. Previously it would take around 4-5 seconds (sometimes longer) when searching for what you need, now it takes 1 second max, even if you have 1000's of projects on your account.


    Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Activity log - If there was a bunch activity in the log on the dashboard screen, it would cause it to timeout and not load, this is now fixed.


    • Annotated images - In some cases, annotated images would have the same name, which was causing issues for it to load. This is now fixed, and annotated images now have unique names when generated.




  4. Version 3.20 is LIVE⚡- Bug Fixes & Optimizations


    We've got a bunch of fixes for you in our latest release, nothing super fancy but we are continuing to kill as many bugs and optimize more and more inside the Atarim app.

    Here's the full list:


    New On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Inviting users via a link: We have added an easier way for you to invite your team members to the dashboard with a simple link instead of inviting them via email.


    • Project stages in notifications: We've added notifications inside the nav bar for project stages inside the dashboard. When a project stage is created, completed or if a deadline is missed and it's not completed, you'll see a notification inside your notification bar. This will only be shown to you if it's on a project that you are assigned to.


    • Invite screen design: We've done an overhaul of the design on the invite screen as it was SUPER out of date!


    Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Graphics task count: There was an issue where the task counter on the sidebar inside graphics was not being updated when tasks were being created, this is now fixed.


    • View task link in emails: In the notification emails for tasks created on graphics, the view task link was not being generated correctly. This is now fixed, and will take you to the task inside the inbox on the Atarim Dashboard.


    • Adding to tasks by default: The setting for adding team members to tasks by default inside their accounts was not working correctly, this is now fixed. Users will be assigned to tasks automatically on projects they are assigned to if this setting is turned on.


    • Password validation: Password validation when creating it was missing from some of the signup screens and modals, this is now fixed.


    • Task status update message incorrect: There was an issue with the status notification for when the status is updated inside the comment box of a task, this is now fixed.


    • Wizard showing coming from /pricing: When users were coming from the /pricing page as a new user, they were seeing the start wizard behind our payment modal, this is now fixed.


    • Editing comments: Editing comments inside tasks on the boards page was showing <p> tags inside the comment box, this is now fixed as we're stripping the HTML when editing them.


    Optmizations On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Email inbox validation: Previously, we were not checking to see if the email you are forwarding to matches the email that is connect to your email inbox. Now, we validate this to ensure that the forwarder you're setting up is correct.
  5. Version 3.19 - Speed Optimizations, Teamwork Integration & Bug Fixes

    New Feature

    Version 3.19 includes some much-needed optimizations on some screens inside the app, a new integration, and some general bug fixes.


    Here's the full breakdown:


    New On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Teamwork Integration: You can now link your Atarim Dashboard to your Teamwork account. This will enable you to manually push tasks from Atarim to Teamwork, automatically push tasks to lists, and import task lists from Teamwork to Atarim.


    Optimizations On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Projects Screen - We have made some optimizations to the projects screen, changing the way we are grabbing data. This has nearly halved the time it takes to load all of your projects, especially noticeable if you have a lot of projects/tasks/users in your account. We are continuing down this path across the dashboard.


    • White Screen Notice - In an effort to ensure you understand what's happening on the app, if for any reason you land on a white screen (which you never should), we'll show you a message and button to click to hard refresh the app!


    • Links Not Replacing - If a project's URL changed, this would cause the links not to get replaced inside collaborate as the links were also changed. This has now been fixed, so if you move a website from staging to live, for example, the links will still be correct inside collaborate.


    • Bottom Bar - During the load of websites inside collaborate, you could not access the bottom bar. This has been changed, to enable you to still have control and go back to other screens if you need to.


    • Hyphenated Words - On comments and design names inside graphics, words were being cut off if too long to fit, this has been changed to make comments and titles way more readable.


    Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Adding Projects That Are Pages - On some links that were being added, for example,, this would still just add the homepage as the first page. This has now been fixed.


    • Sidebar On Graphics - When zooming into graphics inside collaborate, if the image was big, the right sidebar would change size, this has now been fixed.


    • Icons On Collaborate - On some websites inside collaborate, icons were struggling to load correctly due to the requests failing, this has now been fixed.


  6. Version 3.18 is LIVE - 2 Week Free Trial & Bug fixes!

    New Feature

    We now have a 2-week free trial of the premium features inside Atarim, all we need you to do is answer a few quick questions so we can learn more about you!

    This is available to our current free users (and new free users), you can unlock it by clicking on the new top bar inside your account 🥳


    Let's see what else we have in this update:


    New On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Unlock a 2-week free trial of premium - For new and existing free users, you can now unlock 2 weeks of all features inside Atarim by simply filling out a few questions! For existing users, you'll see a green bar on the top of the app, simply click on the link and we'll show you a couple of questions to learn more about you. The trial will be unlocked after completing the wizard.


    Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Typo's and confusion on upgrade screens - On some of our upgrade screens, copy was not updated to our new plan names making it super confusing when knowing which plan you want to upgrade to, these have been fixed and made more clear.


    • Adding designs to graphics - When adding designs to graphics, you would sometimes be taken back to the graphic project when returning to the projects screen, this is now fixed.


    • Form submissions - When viewing the form submissions, this would sometime send out a notification about a new form submission, even if it didn't happen, this is now fixed.


    • Accounts being added to projects by default - The setting inside user accounts to add by default to projects was not ticked on by default when a new account was created, this is now fixed.


    • Logging in from collaborate - When logging in inside a project, the transition from logging in, to viewing the project was not smooth. We have made this experience a lot smoother, by cutting out all the notifications that pop-up on screen, and not displaying the modal again.


    • Email notification subject lines - Some of the email notifications had confusing subject lines, these have all been rewritten to make them clearer.


    Bug Fixes in the WordPress Plugin


    • GeneratePress theme JS/CSS – The theme had JS and CSS conflict with our plugin which is now fixed.


    • Beaver Child theme JS – The theme had JS and CSS conflict with our plugin which is now fixed.


    • Guest URL token – For the old plugin versions, we have added support for guest URL with token.


  7. Version 3.17 is LIVE - Small bug fixes and smoother releases


    Happy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday season with your family and friends, we are super excited to be back at it and we have hit the ground running in 2024!


    To get the year started, we've made a few small bug fixes and created a smoother release function inside the app. Here's the list:


    Optimizations On The Atarim Dashboard


    • White screen of death - Previously, sometimes when we pushed an update to the app, some users would experience a white screen until hard refreshing, this is due to caching inside React as they Atarim is a one-page application. We have now optimized this process massively, which will stop this from happening and enable users to get the update without needing to do anything on their side.


    • Slack integration - Previously, when a task would go into Slack from the Atarim App, everything would be included except the automatic screenshot. We have now included the automatic screenshot to make it even more useful!


    Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard


    • Asana integration - Some users were having issues when trying to connect their Asana account, this is now fixed.


    • Users not able to add projects - Some users were having trouble adding projects due to a small bug with user permissions, this is now fixed.


    • User avatars - User avatars were showing incorrectly on some comments, this has now been fixed.


    • Received emails - Some emails that were being received, signatures were not being displayed correctly and elements like social media icons were being displayed as seperate comments, this is now fixed.


    • Navigating sites in collaborate - On some sites, when clicking on links, they were opening in a new tab. This has now been fixed and browsing works as expected.



  8. Version 3.16 is LIVE - Website Scraping Optimization 🌏⏩



    TLDR📖 : Instead of caching just the HTML of websites inside collaborate, we are caching the entire website, speeding up the loading of pages.


    As we wrap up the year, Santa came early and helped us deliver one of the most impactful optimizations to make Christmas even more exciting than it already is 🎅🏼🤶🏼.


    Previously, when scraping a website, the only part we would keep cached was the HTML. This meant that any time you loaded a website for the second, third, fourth...every proceeding time, we would have to run the requests for all of the JS, CSS and everything else a website can have!


    Now though, instead of needing to continually request these parts of a website when viewing inside collaborate, we are now storing it all inside the cache. Meaning that after the first initial scrape, loading is considerably faster! And this also counts towards internal pages too.


    We are continuing to optimize, and will be doing the same across the whole dashboard in the beginning of 2024!




  9. Version 3.15 is LIVE - Adding websites optimizations and some small bug fixes 🌐


    We've got another increase in the speed while performing one of the most important actions on the Atarim Dashboard: adding websites. And some small bug fixes too.


    Here's the full list:


    Optimizations On The Atarim Dashboard

    • Adding Websites - Previously, when adding a website, we would scrape the name and thumbnail of the website before scraping the website itself, this would cause a slight delay in getting you into the website. This is now changed, we scrape the website and get the name and thumbnail at the same time, meaning you can start collaborating even faster!


    • Passwords - We have now added some much needed validation on new passwords, to include at least 8 characters, a number, a captial letter and at least one special character.


    Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard

    • HTML showing in comments - Sometimes HTML would show inside comments in the dashboard (for example <p> tags). This has been fixed.


    • Wrong author name - When a user was assigned to a task, sometimes the wrong author name would show, this has now been fixed.


    • Generating Screenshot Text - When grabbing the auto-screenshots from our database, it would say "Generating Screenshot", which was confusing as it had already been generated. It now says "Loading Screenshot" to ensure it makes sense what's happening.


    • Site loading issue - In some cases, pages inside collaborate were not loading due to page paths not being what the site expects. This is now fixed.


  10. Version 3.14 is LIVE - Automated Screenshot optimization and bug fixes 📷


    We can't believe 2023 is almost over, time is going way too fast!

    Here's today's list for this small push.


    Optmizations On The Atarim Dashboard

    • Automatic Screenshots - Sometimes, automatic screenshots would get generated after a change to the page has been made. We've optmized this to ensure that the instant a task is created, the screenshot will be generated, meaning you can always rely on it showing what was there on the project when the task was created!


    • Draggable Tasks - When collaborating on websites inside the dashboard, you can now click to create a task and drag the sticker so the box does not cover whatever you are looking at. You can then enter your comment, and create the task, which will then snap back to the original position.


    • New Email Design - We have completely redesigned all of the emails we are sending out from the app to improve their viewability and make them prettier to look at!


    Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard

    • Form submission view - When viewing some submissions inside forms, they were not working due to strings inside fields. This has been fixed.


    • Orphaned Tasks - When a section or element was deleted from project, if there was a task created on it, sometimes you would not be able to open the task, this is now fixed.


    • Emails in the inbox - On some emails in the inbox, there were CSS conflicts breaking the entire page when viewing them, this has now been fixed.