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Version 3.21 is LIVE - Small Bug Fixes & Optimizations


Our latest update is live, bringing with it targeted improvements and bug squashes. The result? A cleaner, quicker platform that gets you where you need to go without the wait.


Here's the full list:


Optimizations On The Atarim Dashboard


  • Task lists - We've optimized the way we are pulling tasks into the inbox and boards, speeding it up significantly. Previously we were pulling way too much information in the background, now we are pulling exactly what is needed!


  • Searching - We've changed the way searching works on both the projects screen and inbox, making it way faster. Previously it would take around 4-5 seconds (sometimes longer) when searching for what you need, now it takes 1 second max, even if you have 1000's of projects on your account.


Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard


  • Activity log - If there was a bunch activity in the log on the dashboard screen, it would cause it to timeout and not load, this is now fixed.


  • Annotated images - In some cases, annotated images would have the same name, which was causing issues for it to load. This is now fixed, and annotated images now have unique names when generated.