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Find out what's new inside Atarim, what bugs we've squashed and highlighted features you should check out!

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Version 3.20 is LIVE⚡- Bug Fixes & Optimizations


We've got a bunch of fixes for you in our latest release, nothing super fancy but we are continuing to kill as many bugs and optimize more and more inside the Atarim app.

Here's the full list:


New On The Atarim Dashboard


  • Inviting users via a link: We have added an easier way for you to invite your team members to the dashboard with a simple link instead of inviting them via email.


  • Project stages in notifications: We've added notifications inside the nav bar for project stages inside the dashboard. When a project stage is created, completed or if a deadline is missed and it's not completed, you'll see a notification inside your notification bar. This will only be shown to you if it's on a project that you are assigned to.


  • Invite screen design: We've done an overhaul of the design on the invite screen as it was SUPER out of date!


Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard


  • Graphics task count: There was an issue where the task counter on the sidebar inside graphics was not being updated when tasks were being created, this is now fixed.


  • View task link in emails: In the notification emails for tasks created on graphics, the view task link was not being generated correctly. This is now fixed, and will take you to the task inside the inbox on the Atarim Dashboard.


  • Adding to tasks by default: The setting for adding team members to tasks by default inside their accounts was not working correctly, this is now fixed. Users will be assigned to tasks automatically on projects they are assigned to if this setting is turned on.


  • Password validation: Password validation when creating it was missing from some of the signup screens and modals, this is now fixed.


  • Task status update message incorrect: There was an issue with the status notification for when the status is updated inside the comment box of a task, this is now fixed.


  • Wizard showing coming from /pricing: When users were coming from the /pricing page as a new user, they were seeing the start wizard behind our payment modal, this is now fixed.


  • Editing comments: Editing comments inside tasks on the boards page was showing <p> tags inside the comment box, this is now fixed as we're stripping the HTML when editing them.


Optmizations On The Atarim Dashboard


  • Email inbox validation: Previously, we were not checking to see if the email you are forwarding to matches the email that is connect to your email inbox. Now, we validate this to ensure that the forwarder you're setting up is correct.