Atarim Changelog

Find out what's new inside Atarim, what bugs we've squashed and highlighted features you should check out!

Version 3.19 - Speed Optimizations, Teamwork Integration & Bug Fixes

New Feature

Version 3.19 includes some much-needed optimizations on some screens inside the app, a new integration, and some general bug fixes.


Here's the full breakdown:


New On The Atarim Dashboard


  • Teamwork Integration: You can now link your Atarim Dashboard to your Teamwork account. This will enable you to manually push tasks from Atarim to Teamwork, automatically push tasks to lists, and import task lists from Teamwork to Atarim.


Optimizations On The Atarim Dashboard


  • Projects Screen - We have made some optimizations to the projects screen, changing the way we are grabbing data. This has nearly halved the time it takes to load all of your projects, especially noticeable if you have a lot of projects/tasks/users in your account. We are continuing down this path across the dashboard.


  • White Screen Notice - In an effort to ensure you understand what's happening on the app, if for any reason you land on a white screen (which you never should), we'll show you a message and button to click to hard refresh the app!


  • Links Not Replacing - If a project's URL changed, this would cause the links not to get replaced inside collaborate as the links were also changed. This has now been fixed, so if you move a website from staging to live, for example, the links will still be correct inside collaborate.


  • Bottom Bar - During the load of websites inside collaborate, you could not access the bottom bar. This has been changed, to enable you to still have control and go back to other screens if you need to.


  • Hyphenated Words - On comments and design names inside graphics, words were being cut off if too long to fit, this has been changed to make comments and titles way more readable.


Bug Fixes On The Atarim Dashboard


  • Adding Projects That Are Pages - On some links that were being added, for example,, this would still just add the homepage as the first page. This has now been fixed.


  • Sidebar On Graphics - When zooming into graphics inside collaborate, if the image was big, the right sidebar would change size, this has now been fixed.


  • Icons On Collaborate - On some websites inside collaborate, icons were struggling to load correctly due to the requests failing, this has now been fixed.