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Version 3.16 is LIVE - Website Scraping Optimization 🌏⏩



TLDR📖 : Instead of caching just the HTML of websites inside collaborate, we are caching the entire website, speeding up the loading of pages.


As we wrap up the year, Santa came early and helped us deliver one of the most impactful optimizations to make Christmas even more exciting than it already is 🎅🏼🤶🏼.


Previously, when scraping a website, the only part we would keep cached was the HTML. This meant that any time you loaded a website for the second, third, fourth...every proceeding time, we would have to run the requests for all of the JS, CSS and everything else a website can have!


Now though, instead of needing to continually request these parts of a website when viewing inside collaborate, we are now storing it all inside the cache. Meaning that after the first initial scrape, loading is considerably faster! And this also counts towards internal pages too.


We are continuing to optimize, and will be doing the same across the whole dashboard in the beginning of 2024!